Audit Your Brand

Here is the brand audit process divided into three sections:

1) Defining your Brand

  • Culture: How do your customers describe your organization?
  • How do you describe your ideal customer?
  • Personality: If your brand was a person, how would others describe it?
  • What are the tangible values your company provides to its clients today?
  • How do clients feel after interacting with your company?
  • What makes your company stand apart from the competition?

2) Defining the actors

  • Company information: Describe your product or service?
  • Your current clients: Where is most of your revenue coming from currently?
  • Your ideal client: Who do you want more business from?
  • Your employees: Describe the team serving your clients.
  • Influencers: Describe individuals and groups outside your company whom attract attention to your company?

3) Defining Client Needs

  • What is the age of your ideal client?
  • Client backstory: Let’s imagine and develop the client’s background.
  • Client needs: What are the client’s needs relative to your business field?
  • Exceeding client needs: How is your company positioned to exceed client needs?
  • How will your company demonstrate that exceed client expectations?

4) Conclusions:

  • Assessments: What insights have you gained about your audience?
  • Deliverables: What business communications materials should be created to communicate to clients the promise how we will meet their needs?
  • Mandatory Elements: What are the mandatory communication elements to include on client facing materials, graphics, call-to-action?

Performing this brand audit will allow your team to see the investment that needs to be made in resources dedicated to reaching your customers with your unique selling points.

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