Alexander Morse, brand strategist and graphic design consultant

Some call me a designer, some call me a brand strategist. Simply put, I’m a strategic visual communicator.

I am an independent digital designer, consultant and owner of Morse Communication Design. I am an advertising agency veteran, who hails from the rust-belt city of Buffalo, New York. I graduated from the University at Buffalo with a BA in Communication Design and minor in Art History.

I have worked with many great advertising, branding agencies and talented individuals in the Western New York area. They have set my precedent high, to work hard to achieve goals, while working smart, first understanding my client’s business and audience, then producing communication design work accordingly to maximize my client’s investments.

My independent brand design career

Since 2013, stepped back from my full time advertising agency roles as Art Director and Creative Designer to focus on my practice, independently and directly help companies who don’t have a big advertising and marketing communications budgets make a big impact, and get work done that looks, functions and performs like it came from a sizable agency.

I go where the wind takes me

Orlando Florida also gives us great access to a truly international airport with direct flights around the country and around the globe, which is convenient as my work takes me up and down the east coast. One month I’m shooting a web video, the next month I’m rebranding a company, redesigning their website and optimizing their copy for search engine optimization. I travel for my passion, and go where I need, to get results.

All work and no play?

My wife Erica and I met in our hometown of Buffalo, NY. Despite the love for our family and friends we decided to relocate to Orlando Florida in 2013. We are able to enjoy the outdoors and venture out more often, all year round. With living in Florida we have access to entertainment such as Disney World, various theme parks, oceanside picnics, and bike riding to our heart’s content. With our new southern location we’ve had to retire a few of our formerly loved activities such as ice fishing, shoveling ourselves out of a snowy ditch, and watching Niagara Falls freeze over to name a few.

Give back, volunteer

We also are very involved with volunteerism. My wife and I are very dedicated to a local dog rescue group, Poodle and Pooch Rescue. They have a focus on special needs dogs, and rescuing senior and injured dogs, finding them permanent homes, and their cause is very near and dear to us. We are involved in many aspects of the rescue process, from transportation, to fostering dogs, photography, rescue events, fundraising and of course advertising and graphic design. We even recently adopted an schnauzer mix from the rescue, Bean, who resides with us and our two cats, Amber and Yoshi.

Taking it to the next level, with every project

I have spent many years in the digital marketing and branding space as an Art Director and Graphic Designer across many industries, from sports marketing and cable to automotive and manufacturing companies perfecting my craft as a brand strategist and graphic design consultant, understanding customer needs and preparing myself to dive in head first into your niche market.

I invite you to learn a bit more about me and what I do by following my graphic design and branding blog.

Favorite activities

  • Hiking, biking and going for a run to clear my head and ground myself
  • Camping with my wife and our dog. We love to get away, enjoy nature and crack open a paperback or two