Whom do I perform these branding exercises with in my organization?


You need the time and discipline of key team members to harness their marketing knowledge.

By leveraging this process with key members of your executive team, you’ll have internal marketing knowledge for creating a communication design strategy to reach your customers and give them a confidence that not only do you understand them, but you understand their needs, desires and what motivates them.

Depending on the complexity of the customer segmentation you are looking to discover the needs for, you should dedicate approximately one day to this process with approximately 3-4 team members. I would not suggest performing this process with no less than two team members.

After this process you will have a substantial guide for creating a mandatory elements list for your mobile app, website design, brochure, rebranding initiative and other visual marketing communication objective.

I utilize my client’s executive and director team leaders cumulative knowledge as they are the ones who are in touch with the sales and marketing channels, close to customer needs on a daily basis. By creating a forum for discussion you can accurately profile your company and your target customer in the same session.