Facebook Video Ads are Hotter Than Yesterday’s TV spot

facebook video ads

Millennials don’t watch TV they watch Facebook.

They have Netflix up on their screen and an iPad with Facebook in front of them. If they have kids, the kids have the big screen and the parents have an earphone popped into a laptop with a Facebook window open somewhere. This is where Americans are, this is where your brand needs to be, subliminally working your message into content your audience is already engaged in.

The Average American Spends 40 Minutes Per Day on Facebook.

Facebook Video Ads are the new 30-sec TV spot.

Videos on Facebook get more engagement than any other type of Facebook ad. On YouTube, viewers are more likely to skip video ads interrupting their programming as soon as the 3 second delayed SKIP button is available.

Facebook’s page scrolling, and modular content, creates a content consuming environment more natural for video viewing. 39 Celsius conducted A YouTube vs Facebook video effectiveness test, demonstrating the value and quality Facebook advertisers are getting over YouTube marketers.

Video is all over the web, but Facebook is the place to be.

2016 confirms the trend line that video consumption on Facebook is surpassing Google’s YouTube for the number one video format.  In November 2014 the trend line of Facebook video posts surpassed that of YouTube. Just ask YouTube freebooters out there. Don’t know what a freebooter is? YouTube content creators are getting their creative content pirated from YouTube and uploaded into pirate’s Facebook accounts. This often resulting in the freebooters getting more views than the original YouTube creators. Facebook is being criticized for taking days to respond to complaints. Once they get around to it, the damage is done and the videos get millions of views resulting in more time being spent in the Facebook ecosystem.

Video is king. If video is not your current method for getting content to your audience, find a way to make it so. If you are already getting your message out there with video, great! You can use Facebook user algorithms to enhance your media buying dexterity. Target your audience granularly, based on user interests, demographics and life events. You are able to specify geolocation, age, income, interests, and hobbies to a tee. You have precision control to be able to exclude people, such as fans of your Facebook page, or people you are already targeting by other means. Targeting frequent travelers? Options allow you to focus on travel history, such as, recent travel to certain areas.

video play button on fire

Video content is the best visual content that will get you more viewers. Facebook video ads are given favorable treatment in user timelines compared to other visual ad format. Video content producers get the most engagement on Facebook, more than any other type of paid content post. Facebook states that in late November 2015 it hit a milestone of 8 Billion Daily Video Viewsdoubling since April. Keep in mind,  Facebook counts a video impression or Cost Per View (CPV), if a video up on the screen for at least three seconds. Since videos are auto play, users who are slow scrollers can trigger video auto play and may be counted as a view although they didn’t perceive any video content.

Track impressions and performance to the second. Facebook’s video metrics let you track individual video performance and retention, second by second. This allows you to craft different versions of your video and experiment with edits or content that may perform better and  have longer retention times than the previous effort.

A video ad will not just perform successfully on its own based on the sweat equity you invested in it.

You need to provide content that doesn’t violate the unwritten rules of Facebook engagement. Facebookers are interested in social consuming and sharing mode, give them something visual, relevant, and valuable that is tailored to their interests and maybe work in a marketing message at the end of the video.

Facebookers are in social consuming and sharing mode, give them something visualrelevant, and valuable to them that is tailored to their interests

Set aside some of your marketing budget for Facebook video ads. It’s a worthy way of getting quality branded content out there, from product placement to emotional testimonials. This digital marketing platform is going to soon be called traditional advertising as it should be in the toolkit for most marketers.

by Alexander Morse

Alexander Morse is a digital designer and brand consultant at Morse Communication Design. He helps businesses communicate with design. His creative techniques and communication design skills were fostered through his agency-side experience working with a variety of clients from entertainment to retail. He is now focused on end-user, persona-driven interactive and conceptual design for consumer brands, non-profits, and clients whose message needs to be driven through impactful design.

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