Telling the story of turning River-Recovered® logs in America’s finest wood floors

Luxury Heart Pine Wood Floors

Goodwin Company is a distinctive wood flooring manufacturer located outside of Gainesville, FL. Goodwin reached out to Morse Communication Design to help discover how to visually communicate to their diverse audience base. After an understanding audience needs process discovered a need to produce web pages catered to their unique audiences MCD got to work. We collaborated to produce collections and featured photo galleries online to showcase the beautifully crafted hardwood floors to attract interior designers. We also produced specifications sheets with images of the grades to help create an understanding of the uniqueness of the wood to the architects audience.

More about Goodwin Company:

Goodwin Company’s founder George Goodwin only manufactures wood flooring from already fallen logs, working with the State of Florida to reclaim centuries old heart pine and cypress logs once considered lost by loggers rafting the logs down Florida rivers. Scuba teams rescue the logs and George’s sawyer team uses every possible square inch to create the most luxurious and best available quality 100% heart pine flooring providing home owners with unsurpassed durability and longevity. The warm waters of Florida are ideal in the preservation of these logs creating sought after tones and patinas unique to Florida. Goodwin company wood flooring is both an environmentally friendly masterly crafted to decades longer than competitors that sell heart pine wood flooring that is less than 100% heart face.

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