Photo Compositing, Retouching

Telling the story of a hardware company being “everywhere”.

This character was created and photo composites were produced for a hardware technology company to demonstrate they are powering the B2B and B2C channels of their clients.

  • Storytelling

  • Photography

  • Photoshop Compositing

  • Stock Photo Retouching

Bringing you the best options and best prices in food delivery

The best food delivery options, delivered to your fingertips.

Every startup needs branding elements that get the attention the target audience. These Bootler banners are illustrated to interrupt the typical images seen in Facebook feeds. From showing the problem of dealing with multiple separate food delivery websites, to showing the benefit of instant price comparison. These banners stand out.

More About Bootler: started providing aggregated food delivery options to the Chicago, IL market in late 2015. Work performed at Out First Digital.

  • Storytelling

  • Illustration

  • Branding

Facebook Banner Ad Illustration