Volunteerism nourishes the soul of everyone involved

I know everyone is busy and going about the lives trying to improve their personal circumstances. Putting in the extra hours to make a project a success. We’re all skipping needed sleep. Not eating the best thing.  Feeling short on time with the family and kids. We have a hard time meeting up with friends, always rescheduling. Who has the time to invest in community?

I’m here to tell you finding within yourself what you can do to invest in the growth and welfare of your community is nourishment for our collective souls.

If you are in business or marketing it’s about connecting with young business owners and mentoring them through a local Young Entrepreneurs Academy or Junior Achievement program. Whether it’s volunteering at a local food bank. Whether it’s donating blood, plasma or platelets. Anything you do out of volunteerism nourishes what a government mandate, social program, 
a salary or a coupon can never fulfill. When people recognize that others are helping them without a contract, obligation or desire for anything in return it provides the recipient with more than just mentorship, or support. It refreshes their belief in the basic good of people and optimism for the future.

I’ve witnessed what’s happening here in Orlando in response to the tragedy of the Orlando shooting event tragic is a city coming together. Individuals giving of themselves, waiting in long lines to donate blood, volunteers coordinating these efforts with lunch, water, local restaurants providing meals to volunteers.




It doesn’t have to take a tragedy for a community to come together like what is unfolded in Orlando. In fact let it not take an immediate need event, like an urgent call for blood donations for a city to come together. Make it happen in your community today, involve your family, use your talents for the greater good.


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by Alexander Morse

Alexander Morse is a digital designer and brand consultant at Morse Communication Design. He helps businesses communicate with design. His creative techniques and communication design skills were fostered through his agency-side experience working with a variety of clients from entertainment to retail. He is now focused on end-user, persona-driven interactive and conceptual design for consumer brands, non-profits, and clients whose message needs to be driven through impactful design.

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